Foundation for education of the blind Marko Brkić

Foundation Marko Brkić is established to help young men and women to be more successful in their studies so that afterwards they can use their diverse knowledge and abilities to contribute, in various ways, to the progress of whole society.

There are countless ways to help. The simplest way is to give an amount of money to the Foundation, according to your financial resources. You can discover other ways of helping through direct contact with blind students. As soon as you get to know them a little better, you will have no trouble identifying the ways to help them, but you will also find out that they can and will support you.

The mutual relationship created in this way results in that healthy equality in which sight and the lack of sight together shape the world in which every person can reach her or his full potential.

If you are interested, you can contact scholarship recipients via email:

Croatian Association of the Blind founded the Croatian Foundation for the Education of the Blind Marko Brkić in 2000 using the donation of 75 000 €, given by Mr. Marko Brkić, as a capital stock.

The basic aim of the Foundation is to support education of the blind pupils and students in Croatia. This aim is realized through donations of individuals and legal persons, as well as using the profit gained from investing the Foundation's capital stock in security papers. Special attention is placed on the safe investment of the capital stock; therefore, it is currently transformed to bonds with government guarantees, namely the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance bonds and the State Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Rehabilitation bonds.

The Foundation Assembly consists of the Executive Board of the Croatian Association of the Blind, whereas the Foundation is managed by the Managing Board which consists of three members. The President of the Foundation is Dragica Matok, professor at the Centre for Training and Education Vinko Bek, and the manager is Ivica Robić B.Sc. (Econ.), working as the Secretary of the Croatian Association of the Blind.

The Managing Board and the manager work on a voluntary basis. The Foundation members and current donators are regularly informed about all activities of the Foundation. At the moment, ten blind students receive scholarships from the Foundation.

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