Welcome to the website of the Croatian Blind Union

We thank you for your interest in the work we do and invite you to read a short introduction.

Croatian Blind Union (CBU) is a national non-governmental and non-profit organization, member of the European Blind Union and World Blind Union. Since its establishment in 1946, bringing to life the founders’ motto „Blind for the blind“, it grew to be the leading civil society organization for articulating specific needs of the blind and became a relevant partner to government sector in finding optimal solutions that positively affect the quality of life of the blind and partially sighted persons in Croatia. Through its local members, 27 regional and municipal associations, CBU gathers more than 6000 persons with visual impairments and is firmly positioned and recognized as a non-governmental organization that cooperates successfully with actors in both civil society and economic sector. 

The Mission of the CBU is:

·  to ensure the respect of human rights and eliminate all forms of discrimination against
   the blind,

·  to promote and implement proactive policies in the field of social welfare, including the
   provision of immediate humanitarian assistance necessary for the blind,

·  to ensure and enable application of the latest achievements in the field of education,
   rehabilitation and employment of the blind on a practical level,

·  to act in promotion, protection and improvement of the health of the blind,

·  to participate in improving environmental and physical planning and in adaptation of
   specific solutions to meet the needs of the blind,

·  to affirm blind persons in all areas of social life,

·  to raise awareness of the general public, relevant professionals and decision makers  on
   the status and needs of the blind in order to achieve full inclusion in the life of community.

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